Tuesday, June 25, 2013

happenings here. fancy yogurts and the like.

the other day i decided to try Siggi's yogurt. personally and honestly because the label was pretty (i don't like to lie, so that there is the honest truth). also because secondly it had good ingredients in it. like the good wholesome non processed kind. and agave nectar. so let me tell you about this two dollar yogurt from iceland. it was like eating thick vanilla flavored sour cream. soooo i paired it with my chocolate bunny grahams and we had a date.

no judgement. i actually kind of enjoyed it after i worked my mind around the non-yoplaitness of it.

how is it june 25th already? HOW? i feel like we can just start saying summer because its finally HOT. i wish there were more pool days in my future but alas there are not. baby and i spend most days at home waiting for the evening breezes and playing at grammies. these are the good days.

i feel restless though, for traveling somewhere. its happens. but it is happening more so right now because we are not traveling this summer for the first time in....well a while. im looking forward to the rest of this summer at home, making summer special with this little guy. ((we've already done our first drive in date, oh boy. don't tell anyone we took him to see a zombie movie at seven months. i mean. what kind of parents even do that?! HE SLEPT THE WHOLE TIME. promise.)) but im missing my little blue suitcase and the anticipation of adventures and good food in far off places ((does it sound like im trying to sell something? i may be. just a little.)) i have high hopes for the biggest birthday travel adventure NEXT summer though. such high hopes! high up in the clouds and across the ocean high hopes if you get where my suitcase is itching to go. we shall see. ((you only turn thirty once right?!))

for now though, we pack our backpack with toys and applesauces. and a book or two and our sunglasses. and we hit the sidewalks, en route to the ice cream stand in search of new and undiscovered places and hope for a glimpse of a wild (stray) cat or two. good enough for the two of us and sometimes three when daddy feels like adventuring with us. :)


  1. CUTE picture! I love little baby toes in a stroller. :)

  2. Oh my heavens, your babe is adorable!
    I am with you. June FLEW by! It feels like it should be the 2nd!
    I can't wait to hear what your travels will be for your birthday next year :)


Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments and thoughts. They really make me so very happy! :)